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01. We will go that extra mile for you

PROPCOP solutions are an outcome of the needs of our founders. A professional agency that is not an advocate, who can provide property risk management solutions in a transparent manner using innovation and technology is the need of the hour. And most importantly, we have your interests at heart and will go that extra mile for you.

02. Experienced Team

A business is as good as it's people. Our team combines domain knowledge, technology proficiency with 50+ years of experience of the core team. 

03. We understand the risks, because we have faced them.

Our founders have suffered from the risks associated with owning property. Frequent news reports on property fraud proves that many others are facing the same risks. Our experience of dealing with these risks is what makes us good in monitoring the risks.

04. Data from many sources

We use information from many sources to provide our services. Our proprietary database of past public notices is our USP. We also look at title information from land revenue records, sub-registrar records, bank loan records, insolvency records, court case records etc.

05. Using cutting edge technology to provide solutions

The most innovative solutions today are the ones that effectively solve problems for their users by having deep domain knowledge which is translated into a technology enable solution that is easy to use. Precisely what we are trying to do.

06. Supported by leading incubtors / accelerators

Mumbai Fintech Hub, iCreate and NASSCOM Centre of Excellence at IIT Gandhinagar have found us worthy of support.

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