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How PROPCOP can assist you?

Secured Lenders

Pre lending - Due Diligence of property

The existing process of title due diligence by empanelled advocates by itself cannot give you the assurance of a clear title. Title due diligence needs to be done on additional data sources like past public notices, CERSAI, MCA21, NCLT, etc. to identify other hidden sources of title risks.

Post lending - Early Warning Signals on collateral property

In recent turbulent times, all the assumptions of a borrower are now obsolete. In such times, keeping a surveillance over the security property of bad or borderline accounts would be a wise thing to do. With PROPCOP, you can now setup a surveillance over collateral property so that any attempt by a borrower or a third party that threatens your security interest can be effectively thwarted.

NPAs - Asset Reconstruction Companies

As NPAs rise in the banking system, the role of ARCs in unblocking the pipelines from bad loans becomes critical. And critical to the ARCs is their effective risk management. PROPCOP provides that edge to ARCs.

Advoctes & Investors

Disputed Property

For those who have an ongoing dispute on a property, monitoring every action by the opposing party can often be a matter of supreme importance. With our PROTECT - B2C service, you can now set up surveillance on a number of information sources, so that you can promptly take appropriate action to protect your interests.

Protecting your property

As a seasoned investor in real estate you are well aware of the risks in property investing. PROPCOP - B2C service can help you maintain an eagle eye on the property title so that you can block any attempts to cheat you of your property. 

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