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Illustrative Case Studies

PROTECT uses information from property public notices published in a daily newspaper. The client is alerted whenever a public notice is published pertaining to a property in which the client has a security interest. This allows the client to protect their security interest in property so that the property is available for auction should the loan account become an NPA.

We match client's security properties with the properties for which a public notice has been published everyday using our proprietary matching algorithm. Whenever a match is found, the client is alerted so that appropriate protective action can be initiated to protect their security interest. 

Our solution architecture is designed so that your data confidentiality is maintained through API access.

Designed for - Banks, HFCs, ARCs, NBFCs, Coop Banks

Some relevant facts:

1. 100+ newspapers - GUJARAT

2. 35+ newspapers - MUMBAI

3. Major categories of notices:

  • Advocate notice for title clearance

  • SARFAESI / DRT / IBC notice

  • Court notices

  • Notices of Government acquisition

Currently this service is offered for GUJARAT & MUMBAI.

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