Auction Market Making

Property worth billions of rupees is currently in the possession of banks and other secured lenders. These are precious resources that can contribute to the economy of the country but are lying idle due to a variety of reasons. 

It is a lose-lose situation for all stakeholders;

1. Lenders - blockage of capital and additional expenditure

2. Borrower - inability to use the asset for any productive use

3. Potential buyers - inability to buy the property for productive use due to fear of not getting a clear title and peaceful possession. 

4. ARCs - same as banks

At PROPCOP, we think this situation can be remedied by market making efforts. Such market making efforts can yield the following benefits to the stakeholders.

1. Lenders - release blocked capital and reduce costs incurred in trying to sell of the security property.

2. Borrower - get better realization of their property due to increased participation of potential buyers

3. Potential buyers - get access to usable property at below market price

We assist potential buyers in conducting proper legal due diligence of properties and help them navigate through the entire process of buying property in an auction or through a private treaty. 

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