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Recovery and Legal teams of secured lenders are fully aware of the valuable data contained in the property public notices published in daily newspapers. Regular monitoring or surveillance of public notices allows secured lenders to;

  1. Initiate immediate remedial action if they identify action by a borrower or a third party that may adversely impact their security interest in a collateral property. For example;

    1. Lost document public notice for a property that is already mortgaged to the lender.

    2. Government acquisition of land in the areas where the lender has exposure

    3. Response to SARFAESI / DRT notice issued by the lender

  2. Observe trends of activity in micro markets regarding

    1. Buy & Sell activity

    2. Pricing trends from SARFAESI notices

    3. Frequent notices regarding fraud for a particular revenue village or any particular builder / developer

  3. Observe trends of activity regarding portfolio health of the competition

However, such a tool was not available to the Recovery and Legal team as the cost of setting up a mechanism to set up a surveillance would exceed the benefit that may accrue .

NoticeHUB brings a basic solution to this problem. It provides access to all public notices

  • published in a wide selection of major newspapers

  • across multiple location

  • in major languages of the state

  • at a single online web application

  • at a FRACTION of the cost of setting up such an internal system

Kicking off with newspapers from Gujarat & Mumbai

Take it for a FREE spin

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