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Monitoring of security property is now simple !

Whether you are a secured lender or an individual investor, lending or buying an IMMOVABLE PROPERTY is a risky business in India. We, at PROPCOP, truly understand this and have designed solutions that manages the risks associated with property for anyone who lends or owns a property.

Our innovative solutions assist lenders so that their security interest in property is protected.

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Our Solutions

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Set up a surveillance on public notices for a property. Provides alerts or early warning signal (EWS) to lenders.


Search past public notices of a property offered to a lender as a security property. Identify hidden title issues if any.


Search our past public notice database to know if any title issue has arisen since disbursement.


Regular surveillance on sources of title information including public notices, court cases, NCLT & IBC etc.


Comprehensive title report from non conventional sources of title information including bank loans, court cases.



A single place to view property public notices published in daily newspapers across locations and editions.


“Thanks to PropCop, I am confident that I shall be notified if there is any action on a disputed property my father has bought in Nadiad.”

S. Iyer
PROTECT Subscriber


Ready to find out more?

Need more clarity on how our solutions actually work? Concerned about data security? Or just wondering how the pricing model works out? Just reach out to us by filling your contact details and we will get in touch with you.

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